Steveen Ferra - TOOK $3000 DIDNT DO THE WORK

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A friend of mine reffered a Webster NY roofing contractor Mr.Steven M Ferra, since came with a refference of my friend, I trusted him and gave checks for $6000 (split amount) he cashed $3000 promising he will start the work following friday.

Fridays came one after another, he never showed up or called. Finally I walked in to one of his worksite to see him. He harassed me. Now I am going to small claim court.

Please watch out this guy.He is top to bottom a fraud.

You all should see this too

Review about: Prepayment Fraud.


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Steve Ferra 510 beach ave Rochester NY 585-333-2569. Contact him if he has taken you for money which his victims are many.

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This guy did the same thing to me.He was refered to me by my plumber when my furnace died in the dead of winter.

he did a patch and then came back to finish the back half in the spring.. paid him plus a barter and then could not get him back. Finally he returned my call and said he needed $2,600.00 for material for the front of the roof. He never came back.

I have yet to file a complaint and go to small claims. I will just need time. meanwhile my roof tiles are blowing off with the high winds this winter.

I am furious...and broke..


Howd you find him. Does he advertise.

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Steven Ferra cell pH 585-333-2569

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Steve Ferra 540 beach ave Rochester NY ph# 585-333-2569. Roc city builders...srx construction drives a blue ford pickup...this scam artist easy to find


I was at that jobsite the day you showed up. Steve is a thief and a fraud steve actually told me to knock your teeth down your throat which is when I promptly walked away. I agree with you taking him to small claims court and if you need my help with anything or information feel free to contact me.

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Steve will get what is coming someone will mAke an example of him

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